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Hand Blown Glass Flowers

Understanding Hand Blown Glass Flowers

Lately there has been an explosion of many different types of glass flowers on the market.  There are vintage glass plates being used as glass flowers as well as fused glass, cast glass and hand blown glass flowers.  To understand the difference in various different types of decorative artificial flowers you need to understand just how the process works for creating flowers from glass.  Glass plates are usually purchased at a store or from a garage sale while blown glass is formed by a very skilled craftsman using a hollow tube or blowpipe as it is called by the artist.  The blowpipe is dipped in the molten glass and gathered up into a ball, air is forced from the artists mouth through the tube and into the molten glass this air pressure causes the glass to expand along with the spinning motion of the tube while the artist is working with it forces the glass outwards and flattens it into the shape of a flower.  Glass blowers then use many different colors to make the glass unique and beautiful.